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Pangratz Interactive offers mobile app development for Android and iOS.

Mobile application's for all platforms

Mobile-friendly, is not enough? Then it’s time to move to ultimate mobility: your own mobile app.

Our team will develop an application that will fit perfectly with your online store and make it easier for customers to shop from mobile devices.

Native App

As an alternative to the mobile version of the website, which forces the page layout to adapt to the screen size, there is also the opportunity to create the so-called native mobile app .

In this case, an application (eg iOS or Android) is developed that is specifically designed for the operating system.

One of the advantages of the mobile application is that the design is optimized for the operating system, executable are complex tasks, the data can be stored on the mobile device, and sales and marketing are managed through the own application.

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) combine the latest development technologies between web and mobile applications.

They are useful for users from the first visit to the website, they do not require installation, support Push notifications and work even without an Internet connection.

The main goal for websites / web applications is to look and function like mobile applications.

Mobile applications can be powerful tools for brand recognition, marketing and creating a quality user experience.

Frequend asked

Developers are faced with the dilemma when deciding the right format for their mobile-based products. There are several key differences between responsive web design and mobile applications.

 Mobile applications are specific applications customized for the operating system (OS) that have unique designs and code bases. Mobile apps are becoming a popular choice for many sites that want to offer users the highest level of experience.

Today, most businesses need or already have mobile-optimized pages.​ While mobile apps are generally more effective, it is important to choose the right type of mobile application that best suits your business needs. Not every business needs a native mobile app.

Businesses can also use their web platforms to maximize the benefits of mobile devices by deploying a Progressive Web Application (PWA).

shopping experience

Animated Galleries

Mobile applications can be developed with highly interactive galleries to enhance the user experience.

Easy to use cart

With an easy-to-use cart, consumers can quickly and easily complete their order.


of mobile app’s


Great promotional tool

The mobile app is a great tool for promoting new products and services through push notifications, reaching customers right away.


Active communication with customers

Mobile applications are the new channels for active communication with customers.


High levels of interactivity

Apps offer many more options for a personalized and intuitive user experience.


own place

The main advantage of the mobile application is that it gives the company its own place on the client’s mobile device.

Considering that applications are much faster and more efficient at leading the consumer to make a purchase, it is a logical step for any successful online store to develop a mobile application.


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